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City Hoppa buses insist on commuters to have IDs

Operators of City Hoppa buses at the Kencom terminal now insist on being shown identity cards before allowing passengers to board their buses.

This is in addition to the usual frisking of passengers.

The bus company has hired a team of security personnel to conduct the checks. They are tasked with checking luggages and using metal detectors to screen passengers.

There is also an employee who checks on identification documents as passengers queue for the buses.

The security measures were introduced on Monday is response to the terror blasts on buses on Thika superhighway.

According to the company’s transport manager Gabriel Maina, the measures are aimed at ensuring that all passengers are in the country legally.

“For foreigners, we are checking their passports. For refugees, we are requesting for the alien ID or a letter from the Refugee Commission,” said Mr Maina.

The company is not too strict on those without identification documents.  Other forms of identification allowed include work IDs, waiting cards, driving licenses or a student IDs.

Passengers who claim to have forgotten their identification documents are excused, but with a reminder to carry them along next time.

“Through this thorough check, we hope to be able to identify criminal elements and forward them to the security officials for investigations,” explained Mr Maina.

City Hoppa is the first bus company in the city to introduce the new measures.