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Concerns arise among fans over Black Cinderella’s alarming posts

Former Nairobi Diaries star Maureen Imbayi, known as ‘Black Cinderella,’ recently posted concerning videos and messages on her Instagram.

Two days later, a statement purportedly from her family indicated her passing.

The statement, posted on her Instagram on April 24, announced that the mother of one had passed away on Monday, April 22, 2024.

“We sincerely thank you, dear friends, supporters, and well-wishers, for standing with The Black Cinderella during this trying time. It is with deep regret that we announce her passing on the evening of April 22, 2024. Despite efforts by medical professionals to resuscitate her after she was rushed unconscious to the hospital, she could not be revived,” the statement read.

The cause of her death was not disclosed.

“In accordance with hospital policy, necessary procedures will be conducted to ascertain the cause of death. We kindly request that the privacy of The Black Cinderella’s family be respected during this challenging period. In the coming weeks, we hope to find a fitting way to honour the life and significant contributions of the Black Cinderella Society,” the statement continued.

Attempts to reach the provided contact number in the statement were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

Disturbing posts on her social media

Recently, Cinderella shared videos discussing past mistreatment by an individual, including experiences of sexual harassment and body-shaming.

In her candid remarks, she expressed strong resentment, stating she would never forgive the person, not even in death.

Additionally, she posted a message hinting at it being her final online communication.

In her message, she also emphasised the importance of kindness towards each other and lamented feeling misunderstood despite her efforts to make a positive impact.

“To any generation that will hear this remember to be kind to others! I really tried to make the world a better place but nobody saw the good of my intentions! My little child and I are going somewhere else to look for peace. To anyone going through anything just know that in the end, you will lose the battle. There is no need to stay… Just go home for only Jesus loves you. And to the rest, my last message on this earth is to remember to always be kind to my dad and siblings, it is my wish that nobody should attend our burial claiming they are my friends or fans.”