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Condom maker in bid to reignite fire among couples

Condom manufacturer Durex has kicked off a campaign meant to rekindle intimacy among Nairobi couples.

The campaign, dubbed #turnoff to #turnon,  is intended to encourage couples engage each other instead of interacting with their electronic gadgets .

According to the brand’s country director,  technology coupled with the fast pace of life has made it difficult for couples to bond on a personal level.

“As people celebrate Earth Hour on March 29 between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, we believe it will be an ideal time to turn off our devices and exclusively reconnect with the ones we love,” said Richard Perriera, Reckitt Benckiser Country Manager.

Mr Perriera added that while technology is bringing people together, it is also keeping them apart.

“Few people can actually deny that  lack of intimacy is one of the key reasons for separations today, which is why we are running this campaign,” he said.

The campaign will start with a short film that will be released on YouTube on Tuesday. The film follows short stories of several couples who have become distracted by the lure of a screen and losing a sense of intimacy in their relationships.

“The film depicts the effect of the relatively anti social behavior brought about by technology and social media, and is also a passionate appeal to couples out there to escape the screen and pump up the intimacy levels in their relationships,” added Mr Perriera.

Earth Hour is marked worldwide every year in March, between 8:30pm and 9:30pm in the participants’ local time.

The initiative was started in Sydney, Australia, in 2007 by the World Wide Fund for Nature, and is today celebrated in over 7000 cities around the world.