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Condoms, sanitary pads behind Nairobi’s clogged sewer system – VIDEO

Everyday we encounter a bust sewer and blame it on the Nairobi county for not doing their job, but a shocking revelation of what clogs the Nairobi sewer system will leave you startled.

Nairobi Water & Sewarage Company has revealed what clogs the city’s sewer system.

Speaking to NTV, Ezekiel Hans, a chemist at Nairobi Water & Sewarage Company, said that the majority of items they fish out at the Dandora estate sewage plant include plastics, wet wipes, condoms and used sanitary products.

“Ideally we should not be receiving solid waste at the treatment works. When the top of the condom is not tied, it can hold a lot of water. So when it gets in the system while holding that water it clogs the whole system which can cause overflow in the sewer system,” said Mr Hans.

But that is not the most shocking finding at the treatment plant. According to Hans, staff sometimes find dead bodies in the waste.


Mr Hans says that when they find a dead body they usually report to the police who then inform the fire brigade to come and retrieve the body from the system.

On Monday, the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company, Acting Managing Director, Nahashon Muguna, escaped arrest after he was allegedly tipped off after officers from the National Environment Management Authority (Nema) raided the urban water company offices.

Mr Muguna faces arrest following failure by NCWSC to comply with a restoration order by Nema that had directed the company to stop the discharge of raw sewage into Nairobi River.