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Congolese star Koffi’s big date with Kenyan fans

Congolese musician Koffi Olomide will be in Nairobi next month to perform at a bi-monthly music concert in Nairobi.

Koffi is set to be the biggest attraction at the 11th edition of the Koroga Festival to be held on March 13 at the Arboretum Gardens.

Plans are also underway for Koffi to stage additional shows in Kenya later next month.


The flamboyant musician, also popularly known as Grand Mopao or Mopao Mokonzi, is currently riding high on his latest release, “Selfie”.

The song’s video has been widely circulated on social media among the lovers of Congolese and African music.

The song garnered a record of two million views within two weeks of its release on YouTube.

This was a resounding achievement for the music star, who is never short of controversies, included highly publicised ego clashes with some of his rivals and the humiliation of his rebellious band members.


Last December, Koffi, born Antoine Agwepa Olomide in Kinshasa in 1956, was among prominent Congolese musicians feted by Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila for their sterling achievements and solid contributions to the development of Lingala music.

The other recipients included former TP OK jazz greats, singer Josky Kiambukuta, and veteran band leader and composer Lutumba Simaro Masiya, Brussels-based singers Dizzy Mandjeku, Nyboma Mwandido, Papa Noel, Lita Bembo, Pepe Manuaku, Kiamuangana Mateta Verkys and Reddy Amisi.

Also honoured were songbirds Mbilia Bel, and Tshala Muana, veteran singer Bombenga Jeannot, and rival Wenge Musica clan band leaders Werrason (Ngiama Makanda) and JB Mpiana.