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Conje leaves hospital, hopes to return to the ring soon

Former boxing champion Conjestina Achieng was on Wednesday discharged from the Kisumu County Hospital.

She had been admitted at the psychiatric ward at the hospital by a well-wisher a month ago.

This was the third time Ms Achieng was being admitted in various hospitals in the country.

In October 2013, a successful funds drive was held to offset a hospital bill she incurred after spending several weeks at Mathari Mental Hospital.

A total of Sh785, 000 was raised against a bill of Sh595, 000.

Ms Atieno Otieno, Maendeleo ya Wanawake chairlady, together with other members bought her medication while the hospital wavered Sh22, 000 bill.

“This was one of our celebrated heroes, when we heard that she was at the hospital, we rushed and helped where necessary,” said Ms Atieno.


The boxer said she was hoping that all will be well and she gets back to the ring.

“This was my passion and if I get well even today, tomorrow I would be in the ring fighting because I still understand the rules,” she said.

The family faulted the government saying it abandoned her.

Hospital superintendent, Amos Otedo told Nation that the former boxer was stable though she needs support and care.

“She was worse when she was brought but she is now fine and can carry her duties normally,” he said.

Conjestina, who is a two-time World Boxing Council (WBC) middleweight champion, has won the World Boxing Federation, Global Boxing Union and World Boxing International Federation (WBIF) titles.