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Conmen nyinyi! Pastor Ng’ang’a harshly condemns his congregation for giving 100 bob as offering

A video of Pastor James Ng’ang’a, the founder of Neno Evangelism, has taken the internet by storm, sparking heated discussions and raising eyebrows among viewers.

In the video, the outspoken pastor is seen passionately addressing his congregation, but his harsh condemnation of their modest tithes has stirred controversy.

In the viral video, Pastor Ng’ang’a berates members of his congregation for offering Sh100 as their tithe.

“Conmen, liars! Is that how you value your life? Giving God only 100 bob? No wonder you can’t see God’s blessings in your life. You perish like dogs on the road. The devil is deceiving you because you are not taking the scriptures seriously,” he harshly said.

The pastor in his sermon goes on to emphasize the importance of giving wholeheartedly and generously to God, especially for those who claim to be servants of the divine.

He passionately urges his followers to give more, stating:

“100 bob from Monday to Sunday, and you know you are serving God? You don’t even care what you present at His altar.

Have you thought about what God will say when He sees you giving Him just 100 bob? You have a brain, energy, and a heart – why not extend the same generosity to God as you would when seeking help for your child’s education?”

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Pastor Ng’ang’a’s fiery speech has ignited fierce debates online.

While some supporters argue that his message calls for a deeper commitment to their faith and financial dedication to God, others find fault with the pastor’s approach, questioning the appropriateness of shaming congregants for their contributions.

The controversial pastor is no stranger to headlines, often making waves with bold statements and unconventional sermons.

This is not the first time Pastor Ng’ang’a has been spotlighted with such controversies. In yet another viral video of him, he boasted about not residing in urban slums like some of his followers.

“I don’t live in Kawangware like you… I don’t live in Mathare, but at least you live in Mathare where you can talk to your immediate neighbors.

Where I live, you can’t even have a conversation with your neighbor; we wave hi to each other. But you can meet your neighbor at the kiosk selling mutura and catch up over stories.

Where I live, you can’t engage in discussions with anyone. You can’t stop someone to preach the gospel to them,” Pastor Ng’ang’a’s remarks were heard in a viral clip.

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