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Consider the poor before lockdown, Kabogo urges Uhuru

As a section of Kenyans urges President Uhuru Kenyatta to lock down the country and save the country from coronavirus, others have come out to argue why a lockdown without a proper plan, is a terrible idea.

Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo said that although a lockdown is vital the government should first put into consideration the 80 percent of Kenyans who live from hand to mouth.

He suggested that Members of Parliament should be recalled to parliament and enact a Lockdown Bill that allows landlords not to charge rent for the next three months.

“A total lockdown will be very foolish because 80 per cent of Kenyans live hand to mouth. My take the government should be able to do a lockdown and be able to cater for the 80 per cent, because a lockdown is not only necessary it is vital. My suggestion is that we recall MP’s and they go to parliament enact a lockdown bill that allows all landlords not to charge rent for the next three months, and be allowed that rent as expenditure for income tax purposes,” said Mr Kabogo.

He added: “Similarly those people who are wage earners they be paid their wages by those who pay them, and also equally they be allowed to report that wage as an expenditure for income tax. I am saying that they should be allowed to spend tax at source, desperate times calls for desperate measures. Because if you send people on lockdown without a solution, they then will come out of their homes and they will go to those homes where they think there is food, and this will be total chaos.”

City lawyer Donald Kipkorir also tweeted saying that a lockdown is a foolish idea since majority of Kenyans will starve to death.

“To lock #LockDownKenya will be the most FOOLISH DECISION & will unravel Kenya. 80% of Kenyans live from day to day & lockdown mean that they will either starve to death or eat their neighbours who are healthy! Countries that have gone lockdown are RICH.. Kenya is Poor & Corrupt,” tweeted Mr Kipkorir.