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Consolata School: Parent reveals deep fears for their child after viral video

By Sylvania Ambani September 18th, 2019 2 min read

A worried parent has come out to reveal deep fears for their child who schools at Consolata School after a video where a pupil recorded himself spewing adult-rated slurs at a classmate went viral.

The parent, who requested anonymity shared with Nairobi News the back and forth between the school and the child over a disciplinary letter.

It all began when the parent saw the video of the boy, which was shared on Sunday in a WhatsApp group that has Consolata School parents.

“Everyone was shocked by the video and we were all concerned. I decided not to share this information with my child who goes to the same school. So, on Monday I prepared my child to go to school as usual,” the parent said.

But when the child returned home from school, they had been informed of the incident. It is at this point that the child demanded that their parent opens an Instagram page and sets up a Whatsapp contact for them.

The Nairobi News has decided to conceal the identities and the sexes of both the parent and the child because of the sensitivity of the matter.


“My child explained everything to me animatedly, saying how there was this child in school who said bad things and he is now famous. He now has a lot of likes and followers. I definitely said no and told my child that they were too young to have any social media accounts,” the parent recalled.

The next day, the pupil went to school and all was well until Wednesday morning when the child revealed that they had gotten in trouble at school for using the f-word.

“…joined the school from class one and throughout has never uttered such words. I can’t even utter them myself but all of a sudden my child has this whole new vocabulary which I do not know where they are getting it from. In my house, those kinds of words are never uttered by anyone. So, I’m just confused as to where my child is learning all this,” lamented the parent.

Efforts by the parents to engage the school administration have borne no fruits after telephone operators kept saying that the management was holed up in various meetings. Nairobi News could also not speak to any of the administrators as a secretary said the principal was in a lengthy meeting.

On Tuesday, after deleting the controversial video and sharing an apology video, the Class Seven pupil went posted another video this time around in the company of another boy whom he identified as his cousin. The two minors spewed even worse obscenities.

That is not all. The young boy urges people to follow and like his friend on Instagram and help make him ‘famous’ like himself.