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Consumers beware! This brand of gas cookers could explode

A home appliances manufacturer in Kenya is conducting a voluntarily safety campaign on some of their gas cookers that may have faulty connectors, which can result in explosion leading to injuries.

Bosch Home Appliances made the announcement through a newspaper advertisement on April 25, calling on all owners of Bosch free standing gas cookers in Kenya of the production period 2009 to 2011, to check whether their appliances are affected.

“Bosch Home Appliances is conducting a voluntary safety campaign regarding certain gas cooking appliances of the Bosch brand, owing to potential damage to installed gas connectors. In certain circumstances gas can escape in an uncontrollable manner and in extremely rare cases can result in the risk of explosion and personal injury,” read part of the advert.

The warning.
The warning.

The company will be offering a free replacement of the gas connector by an authorized service technician at the location of the appliances.

To check whether one’s appliance is affected, one should note down the model number and batch number on the type plate on the appliance.

Then check here whether your model is affected or not. If affected you are advised to shut off gas supply to the appliance and no longer use the appliance until the gas connector is replaced.