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Consummator: My friends deserted me when I lost Churchill Show gig

Comedian Peter Wamwea, commonly known by the stage name Consummator, has opened up on his struggles during and after his stint at Churchill Show.

The funnyman says he elected to leave the popular show owing to hardships.

“I was forced by circumstances to take my break from the show in 2019. My father was unwell at the time and I had to put all my money and savings into ensuring he gets proper treatment,” he explained in an online interview.

“It reached a point I could not pay my own rent. I had to sacrifice for my dad. I knew it was just a phase and it would pass”

“I knew I would bounce, but then corona hit. I was making money from events, but that stopped. I couldn’t afford anything. I was evicted by a friend I was living with, and I had to sleep in the cold.”

He then opted to do some menial jobs after his friends turned their back on him.

“I had plans to return to Churchill but it was not as easy. So I started doing some menial jobs to survive.”

“I called my friends and asked them to help me secure a side hustle even as an extra, but they ignored me. When you are not doing fine in the entertainment industry, no one wants to be associated with you.”

“I know I can always go back to Churchill. Churchill is a good person and I know if I were to audition I would get a part in the show. But right now I’m looking beyond. I want to do my own projects. Going to Churchill is probably on occasion, but not something I would depend on. I have outgrown the show.”