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Content creator Chebet Ronoh shares her struggles with alcohol addiction

Kenyan content creator Chebet Ronoh has embarked on a recovery from addiction series, in which she will share her journey to sobriety on her Instagram Page. 

With a deep desire to help others seeking to quit alcohol and drawing from her own experiences and extensive research on alcohol and addiction, Chebet aims to provide support and encouragement through her online platform.

“This series is for people who want to be sober and quit alcohol and also just from my own experiences and research on alcohol and addiction,” Chebet said.

She has also revealed that she has already achieved 19 days of sobriety and is resolute in her determination to reach a significant milestone of 90 days without alcohol.

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Her path to sobriety has not been without challenges. She acknowledges that alcohol led her to rehabilitation twice and even required hospitalization for her to function. Struggling with mental health issues, she eventually found herself grappling with alcoholism as well. 

“Alcohol has put me in rehab twice and hospital so that I could function, I was struggling with mental health then I went on and added alcoholism,” she said.

Having experienced both short-term and long-term effects of alcohol on her body, Chebet holds the view that common assumption that consumers need alcohol products is far from the truth.

In reality, it is the producers who rely on consumers to sustain their business. With a profound sense of self-awareness, she considers her decision to embrace sobriety as a personal one, intending to do it for herself to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

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“Alcohol is toxic to your brain and damages your body whether it’s just a glass or a bottle or binge drinking, the effects just present differently,” Chebet said. 

Through her Instagram series, Chebet educates her audience on the toxic impact of alcohol on the brain and body, irrespective of whether one consumes just a glass, a bottle, or engages in binge drinking. She emphasizes that the detrimental effects may manifest differently, but they are undeniably present.

The response to Chebet’s noble initiative has been overwhelmingly positive, with numerous people congratulating her on the journey she has undertaken. Many of her followers have also joined the conversation by sharing their own sobriety milestones, demonstrating the supportive community she has fostered.

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