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Content creator Shorn Arwa blasts nosey fan after body shaming remarks 

Content creator Shorn Arwa has hit out at an unidentified hater who made body-shaming remarks against her on TikTok.

Shorn Arwa, whose real name is Sharon Arwa, did not take the remarks lightly.

The comment touched on the supposed changes Arwa had made on her breasts with the nosey TikToker suggesting she was concentrating on improving only one side of her body while other areas also needed an uplift.

In a quick rejoinder, Arwa shared a Tiktok video that left her fans in stitches.

“The pinned video on your page, the first one, you are literally begging telling people you’re single, you’re a Christian, you’re 20yrs old, you’re located in Mombasa and you’re looking for someone to mingle with. I want to believe no one has approached you, baby girl,” said Arwa.

Arwa threw further shade on the ‘hater’ by suggesting the ceiling board is in need of repairs.

“Let me tell you something baby girl, girls don’t put each other down. But anyway, on your sixth video, that’s your house? Unaishi hapo (do you stay there)? Work on the ceiling. Inakaa kama kukinyesha you have to put basins (It looks like the roof leaks when it rains),” she advised.

Not done, Arwa advised the nosey fan not to concentrate on her body shape.

“And in any case, I don’t know why it should bother you. Are you a lesbian? Do you want to sleep with me?” she said.

The war of words comes days after the content creator shared the secret behind her curvy body after her fans noticed some parts of her body had increased in size.

Arwa is known for her brutal honesty and boldness on matters that touch on women and relationships.

Her content has been graded as hilarious by many of her fans as she incorporates comedy into her opinion-based videos.

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