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Controversial pastor JJ Gitahi wary of competition from graduates

Controversial pastor JJ Gitahi claims he advances his education because of competition posed by young tacts.

The Priesthood Fellowship Church Bishop, based at Kahawa West, Nairobi, says competition by youths graduating from various universities across the country and other affiliated levels of higher learning institutions, is a threat to the old age workforce which is hesitant to update their skills.

In a message seemingly advising the ‘analogue workers’ to consider furthering their studies, the preacher said the young, educated and skilled personnels are also threatening pastors ministering in churches.

It is for that reason, Bishop Gitahi affirmed that he will no longer sit and wait to be evacuated from his role in the society because of lack of sufficient skills and knowledge.

“The reason why I go back to school is because of the youth competition. It has come to my attention, the young tacts graduating daily from university, they are not coming to employ me but to chase me from work,” he hilariously stated in a video, while ministering at a sermon.

Being a trained psychologist and a licensed family counsellor, the man of God said the qualifications he has are not substantial enough to keep him afloat in the call because of the upcoming church ministers.

“They are coming to chase me. Even in church, they are coming to push me, I quit,” he claimed.

Acknowledging the workforce needs qualified personnel, Gitahi, however, said he is rushing against time to ensure he is upto date.

“If job needs qualified people, an outdated employee has to be shown the door. I have to catch up with time, by ensuring I am five steps ahead of the youths,” he explained.

“So many people are looking for these jobs. If you play around with what you have, you lose it. If you are not perfect, you will be told to pave the way for others.”

As convincing as his call is, it sounds ironic since the current government and even the past regimes have had a history of employing retirees.

The pastor is not new to controversies.

Bishop Gitahi once hit news headlines, by advising men always to remember to take care of their mothers and not to fall prey to Nairobi women.

According to the preacher, most men came to Nairobi to eke out a living, only to fall prey to the whims of beautiful slay queens.

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