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Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari hunting for a wife on TikTok

Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari has announced his quest for love through social media, particularly on the popular platform TikTok.

Renowned for his unconventional methods and outspoken demeanor, Kanyari is not one to shy away from stirring up controversy, and his recent declaration has once again set tongues wagging.

During a live session on TikTok, the self-proclaimed prophet expressed his desire to find a life partner using the platform, boldly stating:

“I want to marry, and I will marry here in TikTok.”

He emphasised the possibility of finding love without the need for extensive prior acquaintance.

“I will get a good girl here and don’t tell me that people need to know each other. If it will not work, I will come here kwa TikTok and say it didn’t work and we separate,” he affirmed.

Pastor Kanyari also took the opportunity to address various other contentious issues during his TikTok broadcast.

Known for his flamboyant lifestyle, he spared no expense in flaunting his material wealth, dismissing accusations of impropriety and defending his affluent lifestyle.

“Some claim Kanyari is a con artist. I have worked on construction sites. I drive V8s, Range Rovers, and you expect me to be poor,” he said.

Kanyari also criticised fellow religious leaders, particularly regarding their stance on social issues such as LGBTQ rights.

He condemned the judgmental attitudes prevalent within certain religious circles, advocating for a more inclusive approach. “I can’t stay in a toxic marriage and die there because I am a pastor. No, it is me who will die not God,” he said.

Additionally, Pastor Kanyari addressed the contentious topic of financial contributions within religious communities, acknowledging the prevalence of offerings while asserting his independence from such practices.

Despite his past associations with soliciting donations from his congregation, he declared, “I stopped begging my congregation… I was tired. Let me sit there and let people give offerings. Let me take the money.”

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