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Controversial SA preacher’s daughter allowed to travel to Kenya for treatment

The Malawian government has granted fugitive and self-proclaimed prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s daughter permission to travel to Kenya to seek medical attention.

A letter from Malawi’s government states that Bushiri’s daughter can travel to Kenya to be treated for a condition that cannot be treated in the country.

She had been blocked from leaving Malawi earlier last week.

Malawi’s government now says it has no objection to the daughter and three adults traveling abroad as they are not under travel restrictions.

The minor is expected to undergo a transplant at a private facility and will be accompanied by three others identified as Raphaella, Esther Bushiri, and Magdalena Zgambo.

Zgambo and Esther are expected to take care of the patient while she stays in Nairobi.

“I would like to confirm that Israella has been referred by his doctor to a specialist in Kenya upon examination of her condition, which cannot be treated locally. In view of this development, he will be accompanied by Raphaella, who is key in the transplant,” the letter said.

Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary are facing fraud and corruption charges in South Africa.

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The preacher and his wife fled South Africa and sought refuge in Malawi after being granted bail last year and pulled one of the greatest escapes a few days after they were granted bail by a court.

The couple forfeited their money and mansion in Centurion by violating their bail conditions which prevented them from leaving the country.

Their daughters were the first to leave South Africa before the cleric and his alleged partner-in-crime Mary escaped to Malawi in November last year.

They are facing charges of theft, money laundering, and fraud in connection with an alleged Sh750 million (R100 million) investment scheme.