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Controversial TikToker Frank ‘The Tank’ linked to drug smuggling

By Winnie Mabel November 25th, 2022 3 min read

A popular Belgian TikToker who continues making waves in Kenya is being investigated for drug smuggling in his home country. Frank ‘The Tank’ became famous after he began his criminal activities while employed as a dock worker in Antwerp.

It has been reported that he formed a structured organization in which he would pay some of his fellow dock workers to do various criminal activities such as positioning ship containers containing cocaine in strategic container depot lots where they could be accessed without suspicion and offloaded before being taken to various criminal organizations around Antwerp.

From their earnings, these dock workers went on to lead lavish lifestyles that they showed off on social media, making it easy for law enforcement agencies to track some of them down for arrest. He once spent three months in jail after posting a luxurious sports vehicle that had questionable documents.

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In 2017, Frank and his then wife, Lisa were arrested for involvement in criminal activities such as money laundering. The matters would be made worse following a fallout between himself and one of his key partners, Norden, in which Frank received an advance of hundreds of thousands of Euros from Norden to deliver a drug shipment but Frank failed to do so because he had paid his dock workers in advance to prepare to handle the matter for him. Norden sent thugs after Frank but the latter ran for his life.

Frank was later arrested in connection with drug transportation and a prosecutor revealed that Frank told them how drug smuggling worked at the port and even confessed to being a drug smuggler. At this time, he refused to reveal who were part of his criminal ring but police were able to discover the names of other port workers via other means such as wire tapping Norden’s phone when he called dock workers involved in the smuggling.

In 2017, after posting bail following his prior arrest, he escaped to Dubai before heading to Kenya after hundreds of people in Antwerp received paper mail with a title ‘Death to Informers’ and 9 names printed on it. Frank’s name was included in the list.

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Since then, he has been living a free life in Kenya, amassing as many as 1.2 million followers on TikTok where he posts videos of his Kenyan wife who looks like a young child and their new baby. In Kenya, he has raised suspicion among some followers who felt that his wife was too young to be in a mature relationship and that her body language and facial reactions showed a girl who is in a situation she did not choose.

She has since dispelled these claims, saying she is legally of age to be with Frank; and that people should stop worrying about her just because she is  a short, petite girl who is a third of Frank’s weight and half his height.

The prosecutor who went after Frank and his associates said that Frank confessed to being a drug smuggler but would not reveal who his partners and workers were when push came to shove.

According to court documents out of Antwerp, Frank confessed to being a drug smuggler but refused to give up the people involved in the criminal ring he had formed; and all went on to lead lavish lifestyles that they boasted of on social media.

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