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Cop accused of issuing Sh20K fake cash bail receipt detained for 8 days

A policeman arrested after allegedly extorting Sh20,000 from a motorist he had arrested accusing him of committing traffic offences will remain in custody while investigations are being carried out.

Mohamed Sirat will be held at the Muthaiga police station until March 27 after inspector of police Gideon Kamitu of Gigiri police station sought the custodial orders.

Kamitu obtained the orders from Kiambu resident magistrate Rita Orora to allow him to conclude investigations into the extortion allegations against Sirat.

Sirat is attached to Gigiri police station hence the decision to hold him in Muthaiga, away from his work station to allow for independent investigations.

The suspect had protested Kamitu’s prayers to hold him at a different police station other than Gigiri and claimed investigations should be conducted at the station he serves with.

Soliciting and receiving a bribe

The junior cop arrested motorist Michael Mboya along Limuru Road and demanded the cash bail, and Kamitu said he (Sirat) was later arrested for soliciting and receiving a bribe after Mboya lodged a complaint.

Sirat later escorted him to Village Market where he reportedly withdrew the cash and handed it to him.

Sirat handed him fake cash bail receipt with writings “forgiven not to go to court” although he had directed him to appear at the Milimani law courts on March 24.

Kamitu said he needs to conduct investigations that include obtaining Sirat’s specimen handwriting and signature which will then be taken to a documents’ examiner at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations [DCI] headquarters for comparison with what Sirat had written on the fake receipt.

He also told the Court that he needs to review the CCTV footages at the bank where Mboya claims to have been escorted to withdraw the cash by Sirat and the victim’s bank statements.

Kamitu said Sirat hails from Garissa county and if released on bail, can easily slip into Somalia before investigations are completed.

Sirat disagreed with Orora’s orders and demanded to be taken to the high court to appeal.