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Cop in Sonko assault case opens up

By Mary Wangari January 22nd, 2020 1 min read

A senior police officer who was allegedly assaulted by Mike Sonko last year has opened up about his move to withdraw assault charges against the Nairobi governor.

Speaking to a local publication following his drastic move at a Voi court on Wednesday, January 22, the Rashid Yakub, Coast Regional Commander said his “heart directed him to forgive and forget,” the incidence.

The officer said he had felt disturbed within by conscience since the case against Sonko was filed.

He explained that his religious doctrines do not allow him to keep grudges saying the decision was out of his own volition and nobody coerced him.


“I was not coerced by Sonko. I don’t know him and I have never met him. I am a Muslim and I don’t keep grudges. He attacked me but I decided to forgive him,”said Yakub.

He said he reached the decision after pondering for long stating that he had no ill feelings against the governor.

“We do things sometimes out of anger, Sonko and I are no exception. I made the decision after much reflection. My heart is clean. I feel no resentment,” he said.

Following the decision, Resident Magistrate Fredrick Nyakundi on Wednesday, January 22, closed the assault case facing the Nairobi governor.

Sonko had been charged with kicking the officer on the thigh during his arrest at Voi airstrip.

Withdrawal of the assault charges was great relief to the county boss who is already facing other charges including graft charges, where he is accused of illegally awarding Sh357 tender for garbage collection.

In a dramatic turn of events, the governor took to his Facebook page where in a video captioned “God works in mysterious ways” was seen wiping tears of joy as he joined his supporters to offer prayer of gratitude.