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Copyright Dispute: Tanasha Donna threatens to file claims against Tanzania’s Tommy Flavour

By Neema Amani January 16th, 2023 2 min read

Kenyan singer, Tanasha Donna, has expressed her frustration and disappointment over a recent song release featuring her and Tanzania’s Tommy Flavour.

The song, ‘Numero Uno’, premiered on January 13, 2023 and quickly climbed the charts on YouTube, trending at number 50.

However, Tanasha claims that the distribution company released the song without her consent or proper documentation.

On her Instagram stories, Tanasha stated that she is in the process of filing for copyright claims and that the song’s release was done without any agreements or contracts being signed.

She also expressed her disappointment with the distribution company’s decision to release the song despite her disapproval and the significant amount of money spent on the project.

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“Copyright claims are being filed as we speak. How does a whole distribution company drop a project when nothing has been signed, not a single document or split sheet, and when both parties have clearly disapproved for the project to come out because 10K plus USD has been spent?” Tanasha wrote.

She went on to express her frustration with the lack of communication from the distribution company and their disregard for her requests to handle the situation privately.

Tanasha also revealed that she is working on terminating her contract with the company and that if they had responded to her messages and calls, the situation could have been resolved differently.

The music video for ‘Numero Uno’ was shot in both Zanzibar and Kenya, and it is unclear at this time if the dispute will impact the video’s release or promotion.

Fans of both Tanasha and Tommy Flavour are eagerly waiting to see how the situation will be resolved and whether the song will continue to climb the charts or be removed from streaming platforms.

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