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Corazon and Frankie welcome their baby

Curvy socialite Corazon Kwamboka and her boyfriend Frank Kiarie aka Frankie Just Gym It have announced the arrival of their baby who was born six days ago.

Frankie made the announcement on a video he uploaded on YouTube on Sunday afternoon with the caption “He’s here”.

According to Frankie, the baby, whom they named Tayari, arrived on August 3, 2020, through C-section.

“During the whole of Sunday baby didn’t move, the baby didn’t Kick. He wasn’t active. I didn’t want her to panic, she was kinda panicking, you know it’s her first pregnancy and she has been through endometriosis. So little signs that anything is wrong scares her,” Frankie said.


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Taiyari ??

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On Sunday evening (August 2), the couple went to the hospital just to make sure everything was okay with the baby.

“The baby was kicking but her BP was high, I have been measuring her BP for the past three to four days and its been quite on the higher side and that is not a good thing with pregnant ladies.”

Corazon and Frankie went home but on Monday morning they went back to the clinic because the baby was not kicking.

“The specialist said the baby had to come out. They were worried about the mother because the blood pressure was high.” Frankie said.

Frankie recorded the video he uploaded while Corazon was in the operation room.

He later shared the videos of the mother and the baby minutes after delivery and a day later as Corazon breastfed the baby.