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Corazon Kwamboka blasts Frankie for revealing details of their bitter breakup

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has hit back at her baby baby daddy Frank Kiarie aka Frankie Just Gym It for claiming that the reason for their breakup was due to her daddy issues.

In a series of posts, Corazon accused Frankie of disclosing a private matter just for clout.

“Imagine telling someone shit in private and in confidence with full vulnerability then they use it for clout. If I start to talk no one will stop me. I choose to remain silent, for the sake of my children because I know one day they will be grown,” Corazon said.

During a media interview in Tanzania, Frankie alleged that his two baby mamas (Corazon and Maureen Waititu) were brought up without father figures. This, he said, had some effect on them trusting men.

“The two ladies I have been with, they did not have father figures, this is something that Corazon and I have talked about. Her dad wasn’t really there full time so when the dad would come around he would ask her for something. So to her love had a condition, so even me when I showed her love, unconditional love, she tries to find the condition. So you end up having to over prove yourself in every situation,” Frankie  said.

Corazon and Frankie ended their relationship in February. They started dating in 2020 after Frankie broke up with Maureen, the mother of his two sons. At the time, Frankie disclosed that he’d parted ways with his baby mama of six years because of ‘irreconcilable differences’.

The breakup resulted in drama, with Maureen publicly complaining of how Frankie had abandoned his fatherly duties.

But with Corazon Frankie appeared to be having everything going on for him having welcomed two children with the socialite, until their surprise separation. Frankie is now a father of four, as he already has two lovely boys with YouTuber Maureen.