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Corazon miffed after Kenyans report her topless photo to Instagram

Kenyan socialite Corazon Kwamboka was left seething with rage after Instagram deleted one of her pictures that was reported by followers who felt it was lewd.

The curvaceous socialite had posted an image of herself bare-chested inside a swimming pool, with her white boyfriend cupping her big breasts.

Within hours, the picture had been taken down by Instagram “for breaching” its policy.

Many of her users camped on the pictures commenting that she ought to be dating an African.

But a miffed Corazon shot back with a screenshot of the message from Instagram, accusing Kenyans of racism.

“The hate is real; I can’t post a picture with my man on the beach? Would you guys have reported if it was a skinny girl? Or a black guy?” she posed.

She then posted a video of herself making it out with her boyfriend and warning haters not to hate on her.

The two posts have since been removed.

Corazon has attracted hate for dating a white man.

She has also shared a topless photo but with her back to the camera. She captioned it: “Going topless at this beautiful beach really felt like freedom. I’m in love with Sardinia and I loved sharing my adventure with all of you (especially on my story). Where should I visit next?”