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Corazon shares her childbirth experience

Socialite Corazon Kwamboka has shared how her first day as a mother was in a video posted by her boyfriend Frank Kiarie aka Frankie Just Gym It.

The celebrity couple welcomed their first baby on August 3, but Frankie only announced the baby’s arrival on Sunday in a YouTube video captioned “He’s here”.

According to Frankie, the baby, whom they named Tayari, was delivered through C-section.

In the video, Corazon is also seen lying on the bed complaining about how her back was hurting.

“When I had the baby, I just saw him for a few minutes… I haven’t slept since coz I have to be in this position (sleeping on her back) and you know my ass is big so I have that arch, it’s so painful,” Corazon said.

Corazon spent three days in hospital and has since been discharged.

“She is a tough lady. She’s already walking,” Frankie said about Corazon’s progress.