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Coronavirus: Brace for impact in 14 days -Mutahi Kagwe

Kenyans are staring at bleak times ahead in the next two weeks, which will determine their fate if the latest announcement by the government regarding the deadly coronavirus pandemic in the world is anything to go by.

Addressing the media on Friday, March 20, the Cabinet Secretary (CS) for Health Mutahi Kagwe said Kenya is entering the most perilous period since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in the country on March 12.

“The next two weeks are extremely critical for this country as we seek to contain the outbreak. If there is a moment in our country’s history where we need to embrace the Harambee spirit, it is today and it is now. Our actions this coming week, in particular, will determine whether we shall go into a full-blown crisis with grave human and economic consequences or whether we shall limit the adverse impacts of this disease, save lives and reduce the impact to our economy,” warned the CS.

While announcing new additional measures by the National Emergency Response Committee regarding containing Covid-19 spread, the CS urged Kenyans to brace themselves for the most critical period regarding the pandemic.

“Our actions continue to be guided by the trends that we have observed in other countries. Evidence from other countries indicate that the number of infected persons increases dramatically in the second week following the confirmation of a first case,” he cautioned.

He further revealed that although confirmed Covid-19 cases confirmed in Kenya still stand at seven, four new suspected cases which had been in contact with the previous cases had been isolated.

Kagwe said that among the four, one had tested negative while the remaining three were waiting for results which would be available on Saturday, March 21.

He further divulged that 44 patients who had been quarantined had been released following the expiry the isolation period.

“We have released a total of 44 contacts following expiry of the 14 days follow up period. Four more cases have been admitted at Mbagathi Isolation Unit since my last update. One case tested negative for Covid-19 and is being processed for discharge. The remaining three are awaiting laboratory results. We are also following a case in Kilifi County. The results of this case will be clear by tomorrow 7 o’clock,” he explained.

At the same time, he gave a stern warning to Kenyans who were hell-bent on defying the government’s directive to contain the pandemic.

“I want to be brutally honest with Kenyans; We will take every measure that we can to ensure your safety,” warned.