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Coronavirus: In Nairobi CBD it’s business as usual

Nairobians appear to have largely ignored the directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta on Sunday to avoid gatherings in steps meant to help curb the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

President Kenyatta warned against large crowds and social gathering as he announced the discovery of two more cases of Covid-19 in the country after the first Kenyan tested positive for the highly infectious disease on Friday.

But come Monday, the streets of Nairobi central business distric was a beehive of activities with the usual crowds seen in various parts of the city.

A spot check by Nairobi News showed that most businesses, and especially shops, remained open as Nairobians poured into town in their numbers heading to their workstation where they earn their daily bread.

The transport sector too remained operational as usual with a sizeable number of town service and long-distance matatus continuing with their normal business.

Normal traffic snarl ups were witnessed in most roads leading into the CBD with most parking slots filled by early morning as people went about their normal business.

Many people were seemingly oblivious of the threat the coronavirus poses to their livelihoods or chose to risk it for a chance to take something back home with the threat of a coronavirus-induced national lockdown looming large.