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Coronavirus: Matatus, SGR ordered to carry fewer passengers

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe has ordered matatus to carry fewer passengers as part of the ongoing fight against coronavirus.

Addressing the media on Friday, Kagwe said 25-seater PSVs should carry 15 passengers only while 14-seaters should carry eight passengers.

“Fourteen seater matatus should carry eight passengers only while those with a 30-plus capacity, to restrict to 60 percent of the number of seats,” he said.

Public service operators will also be required to clean their vehicles at the end of every trip.

At the same time, the CS directed employers to ensure that social distancing is adhered to and send some employees on leave.

“We have noted that some companies are yet to comply with this advisory. They would be held responsible in future if anything were to happen in those premises,” he warned.

He further advised families to consider sending one person to the supermarkets.

“It is a person at a time in supermarkets. Families should be left at home and shopping restricted to one person,” he said. “Supermarkets to encourage home delivery services while maintaining hygiene. We encourage supermarkets to open on 24 hours and the government will give security where required.”

Families contacted by the hospital

The CS also ordered all hospitals management to restrict patients visitation to families contacted by the hospital.

He added that his ministry will embark on clean up and fumigation starting with Gikomba market.

Transport Principal Secretary Charles Hinga on Thursday held a press conference at the Kencom bus station, where he directed matatu operators to always ensure windows are open during trips.

Matatu operators within the city have been encouraged to sensitise their clients on the need for social distancing as one of the proven measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

All passengers are also supposed to sanitise while boarding the vehicles.

The government last week ordered all matatus to be washed daily to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The seats must be disinfected in the morning and at night.