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Coronavirus: Museveni blasts media from isolation

Uganda President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni blasted media in his country for allegedly always publishing negative news.

In his June 11, 2023, social media entry regarding his coronavirus treatment, Museveni said he had gotten the opportunity to watch some wealth creation programmes on television before he turned his ire on one particular media house.

“Ugandans and, especially the Bazzukulu.  Greetings. It is now day 5 of my corona-status. Last night, I slept very well up to the 10th hour of the night (saa kumi za usiku –what the Europeans call 4am). This time, the dull headache was not there, nor was the mild throbbing (enkuratima) on top of the head (oruhoora-hoore). Initially, on Wednesday, there was also some mild muscle soreness (kutonekara), typical of the usual flu. The soreness I was feeling on Wednesday was less than one would feel with the usual flu. That soreness of muscles, has now gone. Also, some roughness (obugiimbi) on the throat, has gone.

However, we carried out corona tests today and they were still positive. We shall wait for a few more days and check again. I remain in self-isolation at Nakasero. In my self- isolation, I have had time to watch some UBC wealth creation programmes, apparently, captured by the Presidential Press Unit (PPU). They are most pleasing to watch. It seems that Ugandans in the countryside are getting our message of getting out of okukolera ekidda kyoonka (tic me ic keken) – subsistence farming. UBC should replay those programmes. In the cattle corridor, with the dairy; in the Masaka Region with coffee, bananas and palm oil; in the Luwero Triangle with coffee; etc., Ugandans are waking up.

The spokesmen of the parasites that are always writing negatively in the Monitor Newspaper, can continue deceiving themselves but Uganda is moving. Kahendekye, taita mbogo (cursing a buffalo, does not break its leg). Ebikolimo by’enkonko, tebitta kamunye (the noises made by hens, do not kill a kite). Again, I advise all of you to get fully vaccinated against corona and the elderly should get the boosters.   Signed: Yoweri K. Museveni Ssaabalwanyi 11/6/2023,” journaled President Museveni.

President Museveni has always had a love-hate relationship with the media. He holds that media always publishes false news to paint the country in a negative light. In past utterances, he branded some media houses evil and stupid; as well as threatened to do something if other media houses did not stop reporting about the country’s debt. In Uganda, some journalists who publicly opposed President Museveni were captured and tortured; and in other instances, whole media houses shut down.

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