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Coronavirus: Pesa Link waives all its transaction fees until June 30

Pesa Link has waived all its transaction fees allowing its customers to transfer money free of charge until June 30.

Pesa Link CEO Agnes Gathaiya said that this is in response to the coronavirus pandemic, to help encourage people to use mobile money transfer instead of physically handling cash which increases the risk of spreading the novel virus.

“As PesaLink we are committed to fighting this pandemic side by side with Kenyans; we have waived all the transaction fees to help alleviate the adverse effects that the still evolving situation surrounding the coronavirus pandemic might have to Kenyans,” Ms Gathaiya said.

The inter-bank money transfer service allows customers to send money from one bank account to another in real time on all banks’ retail payment channels including mobile money, ATM and internet banking.

“For the next ninety days, Kenyans can send and receive money from home or wherever they are from their phone. We are committed to walk with Kenyans through this season. We will continue to monitor the Coronavirus situation and work closely with the government to lessen the economic impact of the pandemic in whatever way we can.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta last week appealed to mobile service providers and banks to consider reducing the cost of using mobile money to enhance the use of cashless payments as the country tackles the transmission of Covid-19.