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Coronavirus: PSV operators convert their matatus to cargo vans – VIDEO

As many businesses continue to be affected due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Public Service Vehicle operators have now been forced to become creative to stay afloat.

President Uhuru Kenyatta last week banned the movement of planes, trains, vehicles and people into and out of Nairobi and three other counties at the coast.

This in effect stopped those living in Nairobi from travelling to neighbouring counties for business or personal reasons.

But it appears PSV operators who have been majorly affected by the order  have now opted to turn their passenger vehicles to cargo vans to make up for the lost business.

Some PSVs have now turned to transporting parcels from the city to upcountry.

“Wakati Rais alisema gari zisiwe zinasafiri kutoka huku Nairobi kwenda county zingine, mizigo imeongezeka, sasa imebidi nitoe gari kama mbili viti, nipeleke hizo mizigo. Juu wenye walikuwa wanakuja kujinunulia hawana namna, wanapiga simu kwa maduka wanasema hiyo mizigo iletwe hapa tunawapelekea mashinani,” said Steven Kanyi, Ketno Sacco Manager.

Since Kenyatta made the cessation order, businesses especially in the transport industry have been adversely affected as they depend on inter-county movement.

The cessation order was effected for an initial 21 days, with a potential of being extended should government measures to tame Covid-19 fail to bear expected fruit.

According to the restrictions, transport of food and other critical cargo will continue unimpeded in Nairobi, Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa counties.