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Cotu boss Atwoli responds to Ole Kina on the question of when he will retire

The Central Organization of Trade Unions (Cotu) Secretary General Francis Atwoli responded to Narok Senator Ledama Ole Kina’s query over when he is going to retire.

The senator, in a tweet, wonder aloud when Atwoli will exit the scene having served in various capacities in a career spanning decades.

“When is Atwoli @AtwoliDza retiring? This man has been around in the labor movement for decades! Moi come and left, Kibaki and Uhuru followed and the way things are unfolding the current occupier of the house on the hill will also go and leave him there… I wonder what his secret is?” Ole Kina posed.

In response, Atwoli threw in scripture-inspired answer.

“The secret is that good service to man is service to God and he who serves God you cannot defeat him I will be there for sometimes because of honesty! God Bless,” Atwoli tweeted.

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Atwoli is currently serving his fifth term as Cotu Secretary General after being re-elected unopposed in April 2021. He has served as the union’s secretary general since 2001 when he took over from the late Joseph Joy Mugalla.

Ole Kina is not the only political leader who has questioned or called for Atwoli’s exit from office.

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Human Rights Activist Boniface Mwangi, while wishing Kenyans a happy Labour Day on May 1st, said Atwoli’s time was up.

“The workers of our great nation deserve a better union leader, and it’s time for Francis Atwoli to go. He has been Cotu’s SG for 22 years and his time is up. He spends more time politicking instead of fighting for better working terms for workers. Atwoli must go! Happy Labor Day,” Mwangi said.

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