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Could Amber Ray be joining the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show?

Over the weekend, socialites Amber Ray and Vera Sidika clashed online with each coming for the other’s jugular over allegations of Amber copying Vera’s gender reveal baby shower event.

The two subjected their followers and critics to insider drama over who is dating whom, how Amber derives her lifestyle from dating people’s husbands, and how Vera Sidika is allegedly broke and her luxurious lifestyle was being funded by a wealthy female friend who passed on a few months ago.

The shade was dark and straightforward.

Vera Sidika claimed one of Amber’s friends attended her baby shower that aired on the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show as a friend to a service provider and went around asking who provided certain services to Vera Sidika and her husband, singer Brown Mauzo.

A week before Vera’s gender reveal party aired on the reality show, Amber had her party and everything was a copy of how Vera’s unfolded on the show. Vera accused Amber of wanting to overshadow her by doing everything she did and stealing her thunder instead of being original, claiming the gender reveal happened weeks ago and was only airing last week.

Amber came out guns blazing, point blank telling Vera that she hated her guts because she was a pretentious person who had a black heart. Amber claimed that Vera was faking her luxurious lifestyle and that everything she did was funded by the wealthy female friend who died and Vera allegedly showed no interest in being part of the funeral and burial.

Vera unveiled her receipts, showing she paid for her lifestyle out of her own pockets, unlike Amber who used witchcraft to ensnare people’s husbands and enjoy the soft life on their dime. Online polls began making rounds as people asked whom between Vera and Amber was the OG socialite and the vote was half and half. It was at this point that Vera’s haters began writing to Amber revealing how Vera allegedly sold them her glamorous used dresses but never delivered the merchandise to them.

Amber revealed in this as she shared screenshots of the anonymous messages she was receiving but her haters were quick to remind her that she was a low-budget Vera Sidika wanna-be. Vera also told off Amber for being bitter with her because RHON would not cast her because she was not legitimately wealthy if not for the men funding her lifestyle, unlike Vera who allegedly has businesses worth millions of shillings.

And this got us wondering, with this beef, could Amber Ray be joining the Real Housewives of Nairobi reality show?

When Showmax unveiled their cast ahead of the February 2023 premiere of the show, many expressed disappointment at the cast picks and many listed their preferred housewives. Amber Ray topped that list of popular Kenyan women who should have been cast.

This question also arose as Showmax announced today that they had added sixth women to the original cast of the RHON, Samantha’s Bridal owner, Dr Catherine Masitsa. Will there be a possibility that Amber could soon be unveiled as a housewife despite currently being a pregnant fiancée in what is a shaky relationship?

So far, the tastiest drama witnessed on the show was between actress Minnie Kariuki and guest star, influencer Michelle Ntalami. With this Vera versus Amber online war, could this be the red carpet rollout announcing the possible entrance of Amber Ray, born Faith Makau, into the reality show to spice it up a lot?

What do you think? Do let us know in the comment section…

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