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Could this be what killed Costa Titch?

The untimely demise of popular South African rapper Costa Titch continues to baffle netizens as details of his death keep unraveling.

While fans await the official autopsy results of Costa Titch, social media remains a breeding ground for wild conspiracy theories surrounding the cause of his death.

The Amapiano hitmaker, real name Costantinos Tsobanoglou, is reported to have died after collapsing suddenly on stage during a performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Johannesburg. 

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According to a South African publication Weekend Argus, Costa Titch suffered a seizure brought on by flashing lights on stage. According to the publication, the pint-size hitmaker had a history of epilepsy.

Another publication known as Lowvelder reported that family of Costa disputed these claims.

With rumors of the young rapper’s death being caused by sensitivity to light in consideration of his health history, many internet users and fans of the late rapper can’t help but lean into the conviction of the possibility.

Could it be true that Costa Titch’s death was caused by photosensitive epilepsy?

Photosensitive seizures are triggered by flashing or flickering lights. These seizures can also be triggered by certain patterns such as stripes and checks. The condition is believed to be more common among men than women.

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In a video that has been making rounds on the internet where the famous rapper was seen dropping on stage in the middle of his performance, many were quick to notice just how intense the stage illumination was with green lights flashing across the stage where he was performing. 

Titch, in the video, is seen performing rather vibrantly just before he takes his first fall as leans on one of his dancers. The rapper then briefly picks himself up, just before he topples over from the stage.

Many of his fans were left in utter shock seeing as the rapper did not display any form of illness prior to or during the performance. His death not only caught many by surprise but also left an equal number of fans heartbroken. 

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