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City Hall shuts down ‘No Blacks’ Chinese restaurant

The Nairobi City County government officials have shut down a Chinese restaurant in Nairobi’s Kilimani neighbourhood which grabbed the headlines for its policy of not admitting Africans after 5 p.m.

County officials shut down the restaurant on Tuesday afternoon because its lacked three mandatory licenses.

The restaurant, according to the officials, did not have a health licence and a liquor sale license.

It also did not have a change of use license after it was converted  from a residential house to a restaurant.

On Monday, officers from the Tourism Regulatory Authority and Tourist Police stormed the premises in Kilimani and found that the joint had been operating without a valid licence, contrary to the tourism law

According to the Tourism Regulatory Authority, the Chinese Restaurant has not been paying the annual Sh45,000 fee since 2011 and owes it Sh227,000 in arrears.