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County workers using IDs of the dead, new report

A report on the county government employees has revealed several anomalies among them identity theft, payroll inconsistencies, and cases of employees currently on payroll despite having attained retirement age, having been dismissed or retired.

The report revealed 49 cases where the employee National ID on NCC’s payroll is registered under a completely different name at National Registration Bureau.

On further prodding, 28 of these appear to be a result of errors in the entering of ID information by NCC on its payroll. 

Identity theft

However, the other 21 cases appear to be potential culprits of identity theft. There were also ten cases of employees who appear to have exceeded the retirement age of 60 years according to information from the registration bureau. 

The report by PricewaterhouseCoopers compared employee details provided by the National Registration Bureau and those given to them by the county government; these records only revealed gross inconsistencies.

The same report revealed there are some employees of the NCC who could be on more than one payroll as they noted that 54 employees received salaries from other employers registered under the same IDs.

In some cases the names as per NHIF is the same as that on NCC payroll, while in other cases the names are different, but are using the same national identity cards.

This shows these employees may be employed elsewhere and may not be properly fulfilling their duties at NCC.

The report further indicated 61 cases of employees whose ID numbers were reported to be out of circulation according to the registration bureau.

This could mean that these employees are using identity cards of deceased persons. From a further review of the information, 20 of these could be a result of errors in the entering of ID information by NCC on its payroll, leaving 41 that need further investigation.

 There are 223 cases of employees with variances between their year of birth details as per data obtained from the registration bureau and the date recorded on the payroll.

Of these cases, there were 114 employees whose year of birth is earlier, according to the registration bureau, than NCC records indicate.

The other 109 appear to be younger, according to the registration bureau, than the age recorded on NCC’s records.

In the report, it emerged there were 16 employees whose IDs recorded on NCC’s payroll is registered under a completely different name at NHIF, suggesting that there could be possible cases of identity theft.

According to the report, 68 employees in the January, 2014 payroll, who were reportedly employed at NCC prior to the 2010 verification cannot be traced to the 2010 verification list of subsequent staff.

A further 93 employees were not verified in the August 2013 verification, but appear in January’s payroll.

When contacted Governor Evans Kidero said he was working with Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to see that all those who have been double earning are arrested and charged.