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Couple who aired dirty linen on social media now kiss and make up – VIDEO

A Kenyan couple recently caught on camera quarreling and exchanging not so pleasant words has now released another video announcing they have patched up their difference.

In the latest 26-minute video, the yet to be identified woman states, while taking a selfie video alongside her better half, that everything has been resolved.

Visibly happier, bubbly and seemingly prettier, the woman says: “Tulielewana, hio ni hali ya hao. (We’ve made up. That – the quarrel – is normal in marriages)”

The man in question, who was not visible in the first footage filmed inside a moving car, further questions why Kenyans always get excited every time couples quarrel.

“One thing nimenotice, you feel so good when watu hukosana. That video was viewed more than 120,000 times,” he says.


The couple’s latest show of public affection is in stark contrast to the earlier video which showed the visibly angered lady accusing her partner of not taking care of the family.

She also threatened to sued her man for child support, while demanding she be refunded monies she had spent on the man during their decade long relationship.

The refundable monies include a Sh120,000 hospital bill, plus other expenditures she used to help the man acquire his driving licence and a PSV (mandatory licence required for working on or operating a public service vehicle).

“You are not the only man. I will get a man and a half! Mwenye atakuwa ananisaidia na watoto si wake (a man who can assist me and my children even though they are not his),” she rants in the video.