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Couple offers children for adoption after falling on hard times

A couple from Nyeri is offering their two children up for adoption after being unable to support them.

Simon Ndung’u, during an interview with NTV, said that since the Covid-19 pandemic started, it has become increasingly hard for him and his wife Mary Nyambura to get odd jobs to enable them feed their two-year-old and ten-month-old children.

He says he is willing to give them up free of charge to anyone who can take care of them and make sure the children never miss a meal.

Nimeshindwa kununulia watoto wangu chakula, hata kujinunulia mavazi. So nimeamuwa mimi kutafuta mtu nimpee watoto wangu wawili free of charge,” said Mr Ndung’u.

Nilifikiria maisha itakuwa mzuri lakini imenilemea, maisha imekuwa ngumu tangu utoto wangu. Mimi hata sahii nikiwacha kazi mahali, ninafuatananga na bibi yangu nyuma hadi tunapatiwa mahali pa kulala, sababu sina kwetu pale naweza peleka mke wangu.”

Mr Ndung’u says that it is life’s hardship that has made him resort to the peculiar decision. His wish is that his children get something to eat.

Kenyans on Twitter had this to say:

“This story tore my heart apart! Poverty is the worse form of disability. For a parent to get to the point of giving away their child, I can only imagine the chaotic hunger filled, love coated mental debate they must have had,” said @nkmacharia.

“Government has failed,” wrote @GarciaJnr1.

“This is heartbreaking,” commented @daaceda.

“Tough what a parent can endure but it will be okay, i hope they find help with the situation,” said @blasiojohnk.

“This is so heart-breaking. So heartbreaking,” tweeted @njokingumi.