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Couple pays price for ‘snitching’ on cheating brother in-law – PHOTOS

A 54 year-old man and his family survived death by a whisker after angry villagers stormed their home and torched it in a complex love triangle.

Mr Samuel Momanyi, his wife and two children escaped unhurt in the Monday night incident in Kapsita village, Molo sub-county.

Mr Momanyi’s family are victims of an intricate love triangle involving his wife’s brother, Geoffrey Mukandu, who lives in the same village.

It all started after Mr Momanyi’s wife informed her sister in-law Batseva Mugoyi (married to her brother) that her husband was having an affair with a married woman in the village.

She even offered to take her to the woman’s house, only identified as Ms Linet.



A charged Ms Mugoyi stormed Ms Linet’s house where she found her husband in the act. She attacked Mr Linet with a knife and killed her on the spot.

The victim’s husband lives and works in Nairobi.

Angry villagers blamed Mrs Momanyi for having a hand in the murder. Some claimed she participated in the attack and that she is the one who fetched a knife for her sister in-law during the confrontation.

They made the first attempt to burn Mr Momanyi’s house on Sunday night, but the family managed to put out the fire on time. A second successfull attempt was made on Monday night while the family was inside the house. No one was hurt during the incident.

Mr Momanyi however gave journalists a different narration of the events leading to the incident.

He said Ms Mugoyi got worried about her husband’s whereabouts and had embarked on a search mission.

“She called my wife to ask about the whereabouts of her brother, but my wife told her we had not seen him,” Mr Momanyi told Nation.



He claimed Ms Mugoyi had suspected  of the love affair on her own and had gone to Ms Linet’s house to confirm her fears.

“We heard loud screams and noises prompting us to rush outside to check. That was when I saw Linet lying in a pool of blood,” Mr Momanyi said.

He said their neighbours still believe that they had participated in the murder and therefore want them to vacate the village.

Mr Momanyi said the arsonists were people known to him. He said he was forced to sleep in the forest as his family looked for an alternative shelter in Elburgon town.

The matter was reported to Molo police station on Monday.

Molo assistant County Commissioner Reuben Ratemo visited the scene and said he would follow up with the police and organize a public meeting with the residents.