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For one couple, triplets blessings have turned into a burden

For Cliff Gekara and his wife Rael Moraa, the blessing of triplets on January 1, 2019 was immeasurable. But they are now faced with difficulties of raising them up.

Ms Moraa has since developed post-partum hypertension, which she attributes to stress on how to provide for her three new-born daughters.

At the Nyamira Teaching and Referral Hospital where she has been admitted since Tuesday, Mr Moraa is relying on well-wishers to cloth and feed her children.

The couple comes from Gesiaga village in Nyamira county and have been struggling to meet their daily needs and those of their two other children.


“I have two other children aged 8 and 4 years. The additional three is a big burden to us ” said Ms Moraa who picks tea leaves in people’s farms to earn a living.

The 26-year-old said they did not expect the triplets and had only prepared for one infant.

Ms Moraa is forced to feed her newborns on artificial milk because her breast milk is little and insufficient for her babies.

The couple has not named their babies yet.

“My breasts are producing very little milk and we have to supplement feeding with artificial milk,” she said.

The babies need one tin of the artificial milk for three days, each tin goes for Sh1,500.

She said though she had been attending ante-natal clinic, it was not discovered that she had triplets.


Nyamira County Health executive Mr Douglas Bosire, however, said the proper ante-natal care given to Ms Moraa by medics at Ting’a health centre enabled her to give birth naturally with no complications.

“We encourage expectant women to visit the nearest clinic so that they get care and help reduce maternal deaths and other complications,” said Mr Bosire.

Her husband, Mr Gekara who does manual jobs to earn a living said he is now worried and does not know how he will manage raising the kids while jobless.

The 29-year-old man said though he is happy to have the triplets, a big burden awaits him and is now calling on well-wishes to chip in by helping the babies get clothing, milk and diapers.

“I am appealing for help. Let these children remain a blessing to us, ” said Mr Gekara.

Nyamira County Referral hospital nursing officer Mary Bogonko said they are managing the post-partum hypertension in Ms Moraa for the fourth day.

“Their socio-economic status is very low and they need a lot of help, ” she said.