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Court acquits schoolgirl who smoked bhang to ‘relax mind’


A student who told a Meru court that she smoked bhang to relax her mind has been released.

Meru Principal Magistrate Stella Abuya pardoned the Munithu Secondary School Form Three student who admitted being found smoking bhang in the institution.

On Friday the magistrate remanded the girl who had told her that she was 20 years old.

The magistrate had asked for a probation officer’s report before sentencing her.

However, after probation officer Eusebio Mwangi informed the court on Monday that the report was not ready, the magistrate released the student but warned her against repeating the offence.

The Principal Magistrate warned the girl that she will be jailed if found smoking bhang within a year.

On Friday the court heard that the student was caught with rolls of bhang packed in a geometrical mathematical set.

A half smoked roll, a match box and a mathematical geometrical set where she had stored the rolls were tabled in court as exhibits.

The student asked the magistrate for leniency saying it was her first time to use drugs and that she was from a humble background with her education being sponsored by a well-wisher.