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Court consents destruction of rotten meat recovered from Chinese in Nairobi

A court in Nairobi has ordered Public Health Officers to destroy more than 500kg of rotten meat recovered this week from a house occupied by three Chinese nationals in the city’s Kilimani area.

Milimani Law Courts Senior Principal Magistrate Mr Kennedy Cheruiyot on Thursday allowed a plea by Public Health Officers (PHOs) to be permitted to dispose off the rotten meat.

A state prosecutor told the court how the suspects, who are now in police custody, were busted with the rotten meat and an assortment of game trophy as well as a live tortoise at their residence.

“A stench emanating from the residence of Ms Shang Li Yan, Xing Wei and Zhang Jie has forced some of their neighbours to move out of the neighbourhood,” the prosecutor told the court.


The magistrate granted the PHO’s permission to destroy the rotten meat in the manner provided for under the law after visiting the house of the Chinese nationals to view the exhibits.

The three Chinese nationals are being held in police custody alongside a Kenyan national Mr David Maseno Oseko.

Responding to the state’s request defence lawyers Assa Nyakundi and David Ayuo said:

“Although the state is alleging the neighbourhood of Aberdare Court House Number 6 where the suspects have been residing is in a sorry state, police have disparaged the suspects’ image in the public standing by alleging that they had in their possession dog meat.”


“What may be one person’s poison may be another person’s delicacy,” Nyukundi submitted, adding that different world communities feed on different types of food.

“I will produce receipts at the appropriate time to prove the meat in question was legally bought,” he further told the court.

Ms Yan denied that she was found selling food under unhygienic conditions. She also denied selling 95kg of red meat, Crabfish (285kg), raw fish weighing 130kg, raw chicken and pork.

A second charge stated that she was found in possession of five cartons of expired canned fish weighing 250kg.

The suspects will be produced in court on January 14, 2019.