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Court date for driving car with expired foreign permit – NTSA

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on Thursday said motorists found driving vehicles with expired foreign permits will be charged.

The agency added that foreign permits are only valid for 90 days from the date of issue. Expired permits have to be updated by KRA Customs Department at the border station that the vehicle entered.

The agency also announced that commercial vehicle owners will from October pay Sh700 each to acquire electronic stickers that will make it harder for drivers to get away with traffic offences and help police recover stolen cars.

NTSA said the stickers – referred to as third identifiers – will be affixed on vehicle windscreens and will in an instant indicate whether a car is stolen, its insurance status and history of traffic offences.

The electronic chips come loaded with each vehicle’s details, including the number plate, model and chassis number, which are then linked to a central database.

The transport regulator has since the beginning of this month issued 2,363 such stickers to persons registering new cars and is now broadening it to income-generating vehicles including public service vehicles (PSVs), trucks and pick-ups.

Boda-bodas (motorbikes), tuk-tuks (three-wheeler taxis) and tractors have been exempted from the new rule. The NTSA inspects about 25,000 commercial vehicles per month.