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Court orders OCS to explain torture

Kasarani Police officers are on the spot for allegedly torturing a suspect.

Mr Charles Alex Mureithi, a carpenter suspected of fraudulently obtaining money from a customer, appeared before a Makadara court crawling.

He told Magistrate Wakumile that he was unable to stand on his feet after two officers, a male and a female, tortured him throughout Wednesday night.

Supported by orderlies, he told the court that after beating him to a pulp and he could not stand, the officers then dragged him on his back on the rough floor causing him to bleed after which they tied him with chains.

He, however, did not disclose what might have prompted the alleged beating.

His mother, Mary Mureithi, said she was reduced to tears when she went to visit him in the police cell the next day only to find him bleeding from his hands, back and legs.

She said when she confronted the two police officers,  one whom she referred to as Madam Lucy, they beat him more for her pestering.

“They told me to do whatever pleases me and beat my son again in my presence until I could not hold back my tears,” she said.

Initial cost

According to her, Mr Mureithi was arrested after a disagreement with a female customer over the price of a sofa set he was making.

The initial cost, she said, was Sh16,000.

The customer had a change of mind and ordered for a more expensive design, but was not willing to foot the cost.

She said he was then arrested for the alleged offence.

Ms Mureithi told the court that she feared that her son may have sustained serious injuries to his backbone.

“My son cannot even stand  and I am afraid his back  may have been severely injured by the officers,” she told the court.

The  magistrate issued summons to Kasarani  OCS to appear in court on Monday to explain the alleged beating.

He also ordered that Mr Mureithi be taken to hospital for checkup and treatment.

Kasarani OCPD Augustine Nthumbi  said he was not aware of any kind of torture  by police officers.

He said it is against the law to torture suspects.

Mr Mureithi’s case had been slotted for a plea hearing.

However, following the accusations, the magistrate adjourned it.