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Court slaps Dennis Itumbi with Sh20k monthly child maintenance fee

By Abiud Ochieng November 29th, 2019 2 min read

Mr Dennis Itumbi, the embattled Innovation, Digital and Diaspora Communication Director in the Office of the President, has been ordered to start paying upkeep for a child he fathered.

The children’s court has directed Mr Itumbi, who also leads Deputy President William Ruto’s social media brigade, to pay the woman interim maintenance order of Sh20,000 monthly, pending hearing and determination of the case.

This was after results of a DNA test, which Mr Itumbi had demanded should be conducted, returned the verdict that he is the father of the baby girl.

The court also allowed the parties to try and reach an out-of-court settlement on the matter.

Mother of the child

The mother of the child, through family law advocate Enricah Dulo, says among their demands in the proposed out-of-court settlement deal is Sh50,000 monthly maintenance, a medical cover and school fees when minor starts school.

“We want a copy of his national identity card so that his name can be included in the minor’s certificate of birth, and we will also be asking him to set up a trust for the minor, because the baby girl is his only known child,” lawyer Dulo.

The mother had filed the case claiming Mr Itumbi deserted the child from birth and has refused to provide any form of support, knowing fully well that she is an orphan and had to stop working before giving birth.

She is also without any form of maternity pay, and despite making several attempts to hold a meeting with him, Mr Itumbi only found it fit to send a friend instead of coming in person, or sending an advocate.

Reasonable access

Mr Itumbi should also be granted reasonable access to the child, but the mother be granted actual and legal custody of the minor, the court directed.

Mr Itumbi and the woman dated for almost a year, between January and August 2018, before the relationship abruptly ended.

“He ended the relationship sometime in August 2018 when the lady informed him that she was pregnant with his child. She successfully delivered a female child on June 14, this year,” lawyer Dulo in court papers.

The case will be mentioned on December 18 to get feedback on the out-of-court attempt.

Should they fail to agree, hearing will resume next year.