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Court summons Moi grandson for ‘evading’ DNA test

A court in Nakuru has issued summons against the grandson of the late former president Daniel Moi for disobeying court orders to undergo a DNA test in a child support case.

Senior resident magistrate Benjamin Limo issued orders directing Collins Kibet Moi to appear in person before the court to defend himself from being punished for contempt of court.

Moi is accused of disobeying orders earlier issued by the court requiring him to present himself at the hospital for DNA test to confirm paternity of two children alleged to be his.

The case has been filed by his one by one Glady’s Jeruto Tagi.

The orders issued on June 16 required him to appear at the Lancet laboratories in Nakuru on June 18 to have his samples and that of the two children extracted and taken for analysis.

But Tagi through her lawyer David Mongeri moved back to the court accusing Moi of failing to comply with the orders.

She claimed Moi neither appeared at the laboratories nor made communication on his whereabouts.

The court heard that Tagi had arrived at the hospital in the morning and was forced to leave in the afternoon after it became clear that Moi was a no-show.

In her contempt proceedings, she sought to have the younger Moi committed to serve six months in prison for disobeying court orders.

“Summons is hereby issued to Collins Kibet Kiprotich Moi, being the respondent to personally appear in court to show cause why he should not be committed to civil jail for contempt for a period of six months.

In the case filed in March, Tagi accused Moi of absconding from his parental role in taking care of the children aged 11 and nine.

She claimed that Moi, whom they separated in 2012 after living together for four years, had left her to single-handedly take care of the children’s needs.

She sought orders from the court to compel Moi to pay Sh 1 million monthly child support to take care of their education, basic needs, and maintenance.

Moi who challenged the suit disputed the paternity of the children and sought to have the issue resolved before the matter could proceed.

The court granted his prayer for the DNA only for him to cow back and fail to appear.

He is now expected to appear in person before the court on July 13 in compliance with the court summons.