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Court suspends eviction of Simmers Bar from disputed land

A court in Nairobi on Monday set aside orders that led to the eviction of the proprietor of Simmers Restaurant from a disputed parcel, more than a week ago.

Mr Suleiman Murunga had told Principal Magistrate Isaac Orenge that the orders for his eviction were obtained without disclosing in court that there was a pending suit before the High Court.

Mr Murunga said there had been previous failed attempts to evict him. And when the other party appeared in court last month, he claimed, they failed to disclose that the matter had been set for hearing on April 24.


The former Kimilili MP denied that he had failed to pay rent because there was a dispute pending in court.

“I have suffered massive losses, including cash, equipment, furniture and other assets and my employees rendered jobless,” he said in a sworn statement.

Mr Murunga said that he was not served with the notice to appear in court for the hearing of the case.

The court set aside the orders and directed the parties to appear before the High Court where the issue of compensation would be determined.

Mr Murunga has sued directors of Nilestar Holdings and Green Valley, for allegedly disobeying a court order. The contempt case will be heard on April 4.