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Court the next battleground as Punguza Mizigo debate deadline nears

By Collins Omulo October 16th, 2019 2 min read

Thirdway Alliance Party leader Ekuru Aukot has blamed bribery, coercion and political sycophancy as the main reasons for the rejection of his referendum initiative even as more counties continue to reject it.

In light of that Aukot has opened a new battleground by moving to court to challenge the grounds advanced for the rejection of the Bill.

Mr Aukot said that his Punguza Mizigo Amendment Bill is facing opposition, not because of its contents, but because of selfish political interests and ethnic mobilisations advanced by politicians afraid of changes the initiative might herald.

He claimed that ward representatives have reported that they are being bribed to reject the Bill while some have claimed threats of being de-whipped party leaders if they do not tow the party line.

The Thirdway Party boss pointed out that distortion, lies and selfish political ambitions have clouded the passage of the initiative, observing that the reasons for rejecting the initiative are simplistic and are based on technicalities and on the basis of what party leadership said but not on the basis of those who they represent.

“It is not being rejected by the general public but by a choreographed plan by a few selfish leaders in some political parties. We are getting reports from county assemblies that money is being dished out for them to shoot down the Bill,” said Mr Aukot during an interview on Citizen TV on Tuesday night.

He rejected claims that the Bill was not subjected to public participation explaining that the initiative went through public participation when the party went to markets to meet members of the public before garnering support from 1.2 million Kenyans.


The Bill has already been rejected by 21 county assemblies with Uasin Gishu County Assembly the only exception.

With a deadline of October 15 for the debate of the initiative, 25 county assemblies are set to debate it with the Bill requiring support from 23 more assemblies in order to sail through and be tabled in Parliament.

Mr Aukot, however, expressed optimism that the he will garner the needed support, stating that his party will not relent in its quest to find solution to problems bedeviling the country.

“I want to assure Kenyans that we will not abandon them. We will continue finding solutions to the problems in the country like ballooning national debt. We will make our next move soon. Watch out for this space,” Aukot said.

“Biggest success story in the last 25 years. No political leader has been able to do what we have done though the party is only three years old,” he added.