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Court told how randy teacher sexually abused schoolgirls

Five pupils stunned a Meru court Thursday when they narrated how a teacher sexually abused them in his office.

The Class Four pupils, all aged 10, told Meru Chief Magistrate Lucy Ambasi how their English teacher Julius Mwiti, 45, frequently assaulted them before they reported the matter to their parents.

The first girl to give the evidence said: “The teacher used to undress me whenever l presented my homework at his office. In March this year, the teacher instructed me to seat and wait for him as he marked my book.”

“While I was in the office, he undressed me and inserted his hand inside my private parts as he marked the homework with the other hand. He instructed me to remain calm,” she went on.

She added that after the ordeal, she felt excruciating pain and reported the matter to her class teacher who told her to report to her parents.


She added that her parents took her to Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital where she underwent treatment.

The P3 form tabled in court by the prosecution indicated that she had been assaulted.

Another girl, said that the teacher had a tendency of summoning her to his office, especially during break time, where he would undressed and assaulted her.

“What l can remember is that Mr Mwiti has assaulted me more than four times, the last being when he called me as I was going to the toilet to relieve myself.

“He used to frequently call me and would insert his fingers inside my private parts after undressing me. Whenever he needed me he would send a fellow pupil to come and look for me so that l could go to his office,” said the girl who told the court that there is no time the teacher had warned her against reporting the matter.

However, another girl, who was third to testify told the magistrate that, she said she realized that the teacher had assaulted several of her classmates.


“The other girls told me the same thing had happened to them while they were called in his office. We told our class teacher who summoned our parents,” she said.

The matter was then reported to Subuiga Police Station where the parents recorded their statements with investigating officer Rosemary Njoki.

The last pupil to be assaulted on March 8 said she was asked by the teacher to lie on the table together with another pupil before their clothes were removed.

The prosecution led by Ms Margaret Matheka is to present 15 witnesses. Defence lawyer Mr George Mugambi told the court he had a severe headache and sought for adjournment.

The hearing will continue on July 18 when the remaining girls and five parents will testify. Mr Mwiti is out on Sh1million bond with a surety of the similar amount.