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Court told how Westgate suspects arrived at mall

Three Westgate shopping mall attackers were dropped off by a white vehicle before they started shooting, a court heard on Wednesday.

Mr Stephen Juma, a security guard, told the court that the three attackers were all dressed in black jackets with bullet belts strapped around their chests.

He however does not know where the white car headed to after dropping off the suspects.

The witness was testifying in a case in which four men are facing charges in relation to the terrorist attack at the mall.

Mr Juma, who said he was on duty on September 21 last year controlling traffic at the shopping mall,  described one of the attackers as tall and fat while the other two were of medium height.

“Immediately they came out of the vehicle, they shot at one of the customers going to the mall via the stairs,” said Mr Juma adding that he did not see the attackers face or hear them speak.

He later heard gunshots.

The witness had been a guard at the mall for five years.

Mr Juma said he called for help using his radio call before he left the premises to seek refuge at a home neighbouring the mall.

Upon cross examination by one of the defence lawyers, the witness said he does not recall the vehicle registration number.

Another witness Mr Patrick Otwane, who was also a security guard at the mall, said he was at the main gate screening  vehicles and customers when the attack happened.

“At around 12.30pm I heard a loud bang. I decided to check and I saw two men shooting customers who were going in and out,” said Mr Otwane.

He added that the attackers were slim, had put on headscarfs, had dark glasses and wore brown T-Shirts.

“We locked the gate and I ran and hid in a trench where I stayed for one and a half hours,” said Mr Otwane.

The suspects, Mr Adan Abdikadir, Mohamed Abdi, Liban Abdullah and Hussein Hassan, allegedly on September 21 last year jointly with others not before court carried out a terrorist attack at Westgate Shopping mall.

Other charges facing some of the accused include giving support to terrorist group and habouring of persons committing a terrorist acts.

Prosecutor Mungai Warui told the court that the prosecution intends to substitute the charges.

The case has been adjourned until Thursday morning.