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Courts gags activist Mwangi in Mutua court case

A Machakos Court has barred activist Boniface Mwangi from publishing any content against Machakos governor on social media.

In a defamation case filed by Mutua, the activist was also ordered to refrain from associating Mutua with an alleged bomb attack on his house that is under construction, which incidentally occurred in Machakos on October 21, 2021.

Judge George Odunga further barred Mwangi from referring to the high ranking politician as “a rapist, a thief, a corrupt individual, a molester, a murderer, a philanderer, a charlatan”,

This is in regard to a video that Mwangi shared on his social media after his house was bombed.

“The court has hereby restrained the respondent (Boniface Mwangi) by himself, his servants, and or agents or otherwise howsoever, from publishing in any print or electronic media, or web-hosted platform, any innuendos, insinuations, allegations, or statements that the plaintiff either as having destroyed actually caused damage to the Defendant’s house in Lukenya,” read part of the court documents.

The video plus a series of tweets by Mwangi forced Mutua to move to court through his lawyer Harrison Kinyanjui.

“By a video published by yourself on October 20th, 2021, you uttered and published online, and further disseminated and caused to be printed and published online and vide other media, libelous and defamatory material of and concerning our said client (Mutua) in which you uttered the libelous and defamatory words, which transcribed were to the effect,” read a demand letter to Mwangi by Mutua’s lawyer, Harrison Kinyanjui.

Mwangi has consistently aimed consistent tirades against Mutua via social media in what appears to be a fallout resulting from the separation between the government and his long term girlfriend Lillian Nganga.